Monday, February 27, 2012

My sister, Jaci

Approximately 80% of the information I have retained regarding shopping deals, crafting, and up-and-coming websites was from my sister, Jaci (pronounced Jackie). In addition - she has the BEST craft ideas. I have been telling her she needs to put her stuff on Etsy and start a blog - but she won't! So, today's post is dedicated to her, so I can show off some of the things she has made. Maybe this will inspire her to make a bigger deal about what she does.

Every holiday, I look forward to what Jaci's gift will be to me because I know that not only is it going to be one of a kind, but it will be absolutely perfect - something I needed that I didn't know I needed :) one of those.

Here are a few things she has made in her craftlife:
Avery's crab shirt - she also made one for Kyler and one for Zoie. Soo cute.

This was one of my birthday presents this past year - an earring holder made out of a frame and lace.

Additional jewelry holder - but with posts included to hold necklaces

Super cute embellished sandals - Silver with black and grey rhinestones

My FAVORITE! She not only painted a perfect seahorse - but also added sequins for a great effect

cutest little girl shirts for Zo and Avery. She added the bow as a button - so cute

So,  I think it is safe to say - JACI GET YOUR STORE UP ON ETSY!!!

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  1. I just love all of Jaci's ideas and her creations are such wonderful pieces - truly I wonder how she does it. Thanks for sharing.