Thursday, February 23, 2012

A great find

Prepare yourself for the what I am about to share.

Background: I worked with a girl in NY who had the most fabulous eyeglasses - they were so unique and nothing like I had ever seen before, a matte-dirty blond-plastic-trendy pair.  Naturally, I assumed they were just some ridiculously priced glasses from a place in the mall. Well good thing I couldn't stop thinking about them and had to ask where they were from. Warby Parker. is an eyeglass site that has the most unique eyeglasses for...drumroll please...$95! Yes, $95 TOTAL for anti glare, polycarbonate, prescription - TOTAL TOTAL TOTAL! Shipping and everything!! I know, I know, sounds too good to be true, but no really, it's TRUE! So I perused through the site and instantly fell in love. Their website presentation was perfect. Then I saw that it gets even better.

1. Being a blond, it is difficult to find glasses that blend well with my hair and skin color. Warby Parker offers the most beautiful MATTE, yes matte, tortoise called sandalwood matte. They also have other colors like black, blue, green, clear - the options are endless.

2. You can virtually try on a pair of glasses by uploading a picture of yourself so you can visualize what they would look like on.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY...they allow you to try on 5 pairs of eyeglasses AT HOME...FOR FREE!!!! You just pick five pairs you like, and they ship the next day! It's unreal, I know.

I know two people who have bought glasses from here since I shared the great find and they love them! I will be purchasing a pair shortly as well - I have had to focus on my teeth rather than my eyes lately...but soon enough! Stay tuned. I am so glad to have found adorable eyeglasses that are a reasonable price! These are the ones I think I will get - LOVE.

Not a glamour shot, but hey, you get the point...

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  1. Can I borrow the necklace you're wearing in the last pic? kthnx