Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Does anyone really like "Icebreakers"? Let me be honest, the minute I hear that word, my heart starts to beat a little faster. When followed by "tell us an interesting fact about yourself" or "what is something not many people would believe about you" the legs start wiggling. I think, "what if what I think is interesting somebody else will think is silly? I could tell them I am the youngest of five but is that really impressive? Having the five kids is much more impressive than just being the youngest...okay well I could lead with the fact that I lived in New York for a year...no then I will just have to go into how I didn't like it...." so here is my form of an ice breaker: I am 25 years old. A Floridian at heart who's ideal vacation is in a snow filled town with a fireplace close by. My family means the world to me and my best friends are included in that. My boyfriend, John, and I met in the freshman dorm and have been inseperable since. I graduated from FSU with a marketing degree and have been working in advertising ever since - which I love, I thrive on the fast pace. I am a self proclaimed shopaholic who is smart with money. You won't catch me in the kitchen cooking but I am always planning my next meal. John and I have a three year old cairn terrier who is our child, no really. I love laughing and making people laugh. I am one of the most organized people you will ever meet. And one more thing...I cannot stand to be the center of attention :). How's that for an icebreaker?!

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