Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A great book

My favorite author, by far, is Sophie Kinsella - she never lets me down. I have a hard time picking up a book by any other author because I am scared it might just waste my time.

Around thanksgiving, Jaci gave me a book called "Save Karyn". It seemed very similar to the Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic series so I figured I would give it a try. It was GREAT! It is a true store about a woman who moves from Chicago to New York, gets in to a lot of debt and .... I'm not going to ruin it. I think I had an even stronger attachment to the book because of her hilarious take on all the issues people who move to Manhattan deal with. It was so funny that I was laughing out loud throughout the entire story and stayed up much later than necessary because I lost track of time. Bringing it to my friend, Jen, to read next - she will love it too!

Next book on my list - Sophie Kinsella's new book, I've got your number.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A great deal

Continuing on the Jaci post....she let me know about a great deal! If you are like me and have seen the trendy, designer, plastic-chain necklaces, wanted them, checked the price ($200+), and quickly walked away - then you are in luck! I love, love, love these necklaces and their pop of color but I can't afford to spend that amount of money on a trendy piece. Well, luckily I have Jaci because she let me know that Target has something VERY similar for only $10! Yes, please! They have navy, black, white, green, tangerine, and navy blue. I bought the navy blue and might go back for other colors :). Love.

Monday, February 27, 2012

My sister, Jaci

Approximately 80% of the information I have retained regarding shopping deals, crafting, and up-and-coming websites was from my sister, Jaci (pronounced Jackie). In addition - she has the BEST craft ideas. I have been telling her she needs to put her stuff on Etsy and start a blog - but she won't! So, today's post is dedicated to her, so I can show off some of the things she has made. Maybe this will inspire her to make a bigger deal about what she does.

Every holiday, I look forward to what Jaci's gift will be to me because I know that not only is it going to be one of a kind, but it will be absolutely perfect - something I needed that I didn't know I needed :) one of those.

Here are a few things she has made in her craftlife:
Avery's crab shirt - she also made one for Kyler and one for Zoie. Soo cute.

This was one of my birthday presents this past year - an earring holder made out of a frame and lace.

Additional jewelry holder - but with posts included to hold necklaces

Super cute embellished sandals - Silver with black and grey rhinestones

My FAVORITE! She not only painted a perfect seahorse - but also added sequins for a great effect

cutest little girl shirts for Zo and Avery. She added the bow as a button - so cute

So,  I think it is safe to say - JACI GET YOUR STORE UP ON ETSY!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

ADDY Awards

Yesterday I went to the ADDY awards for work. If you don't know what the ADDY's are, it's basically the Oscar's for advertising...on a much, much smaller scale. This year it was at the Dali museum in St. Pete which I have been wanting to go to. We got to go on a tour of the museum and my gosh, our tour guide was so smart. I have never been one to appreciate art, let alone understand it, but this lady knew everything! Why Dali painted a clock, why he includes flowers in his pictures, and everything about his life. Because of her, I am now convinced that the only way to visit a museum is with a tour guide.

After the tour we walked to the ballroom for the awards announcement. They had some "technical difficulties", to say the least but were luckily in a room full of people who deal with things like that on a daily basis. My company had submitted three entries for creative pieces we made last year and guess what? WE WON!!! Two awards were for one of the pieces I worked on, how exciting! It is a dimensional brochure that has a tab, when you pull the tab, the pages flip, does that make sense? And it won two awards!! Woohoo! The final award was for our creative department's brochure, if you will, which was flawless as well. I am so proud of everyone involved!

My name - on an award!!! Gold one too!

After that a few of us went to dinner. I wish I had gotten a pic. We went to Bella Brava in St. Pete which was delicious, as usual, but more importantly, a blast! We laughed so hard and completely lost track of time that we ended up being the last people walking out. Thanks Carrie, Rosie, and Effie!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A great find

Prepare yourself for the what I am about to share.

Background: I worked with a girl in NY who had the most fabulous eyeglasses - they were so unique and nothing like I had ever seen before, a matte-dirty blond-plastic-trendy pair.  Naturally, I assumed they were just some ridiculously priced glasses from a place in the mall. Well good thing I couldn't stop thinking about them and had to ask where they were from. Warby Parker. is an eyeglass site that has the most unique eyeglasses for...drumroll please...$95! Yes, $95 TOTAL for anti glare, polycarbonate, prescription - TOTAL TOTAL TOTAL! Shipping and everything!! I know, I know, sounds too good to be true, but no really, it's TRUE! So I perused through the site and instantly fell in love. Their website presentation was perfect. Then I saw that it gets even better.

1. Being a blond, it is difficult to find glasses that blend well with my hair and skin color. Warby Parker offers the most beautiful MATTE, yes matte, tortoise called sandalwood matte. They also have other colors like black, blue, green, clear - the options are endless.

2. You can virtually try on a pair of glasses by uploading a picture of yourself so you can visualize what they would look like on.

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY...they allow you to try on 5 pairs of eyeglasses AT HOME...FOR FREE!!!! You just pick five pairs you like, and they ship the next day! It's unreal, I know.

I know two people who have bought glasses from here since I shared the great find and they love them! I will be purchasing a pair shortly as well - I have had to focus on my teeth rather than my eyes lately...but soon enough! Stay tuned. I am so glad to have found adorable eyeglasses that are a reasonable price! These are the ones I think I will get - LOVE.

Not a glamour shot, but hey, you get the point...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Some people wonder why I ever went to New York, others wonder why I would ever leave. Well there were many reasons why I went:  for John - he had an amazing opportunity that couldn't be passed up, something new and exciting, a once in a lifetime experience, to grow in my career, the weather changes - yes including the snow, the shopping, the fantasy that I read about in books :).

Lady Liberty

While living there, we took the stinky subway. Had mice in our apartment. Paid a ridiculous amount of money for a 400 square foot studio. Paid a ridiculous amount of money for a box of cereal. Walked really fast. Did not smile, nor look, at anyone. Heard a man urinate in the subway station. Met a woman who walked her cat up to Shake Shack. Walked up stairs, and stairs, and more stairs, and broken escalators...

Please note the very new and updated loud speaker found in a NY Subway station.

...but we also met the most amazing people, some of who are now our lifelong friends. Ate delicious food. Went to Central Park every single night. Played in leaves. Played in snow! Shopped at Trader Joe's. Saw famous people. Went to the Top of the Rock and saw the entire city from an unbelievable view. Sat in the Legend Suite at Yankee Stadium - with a free buffet, candy, drinks, tvs in the bathroom.....


Legend Suite of Yankee Stadium!

YUM, the best sushi at Hillstone

Our first snowfall


" your in New York, concrete jungle..."

Cobie and I on the right, one of my favorite pictures

Shopping in the city!
Living in Manhattan is now a part of me. It was an experience that I will never forget. I learned so much while living there, and so much about myself. So, am I happy we left? Yes. But am I happy that we went? YES!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Does anyone really like "Icebreakers"? Let me be honest, the minute I hear that word, my heart starts to beat a little faster. When followed by "tell us an interesting fact about yourself" or "what is something not many people would believe about you" the legs start wiggling. I think, "what if what I think is interesting somebody else will think is silly? I could tell them I am the youngest of five but is that really impressive? Having the five kids is much more impressive than just being the youngest...okay well I could lead with the fact that I lived in New York for a then I will just have to go into how I didn't like it...." so here is my form of an ice breaker: I am 25 years old. A Floridian at heart who's ideal vacation is in a snow filled town with a fireplace close by. My family means the world to me and my best friends are included in that. My boyfriend, John, and I met in the freshman dorm and have been inseperable since. I graduated from FSU with a marketing degree and have been working in advertising ever since - which I love, I thrive on the fast pace. I am a self proclaimed shopaholic who is smart with money. You won't catch me in the kitchen cooking but I am always planning my next meal. John and I have a three year old cairn terrier who is our child, no really. I love laughing and making people laugh. I am one of the most organized people you will ever meet. And one more thing...I cannot stand to be the center of attention :). How's that for an icebreaker?!